What is community? Why create community? What contributes to and what militates against our ability to create community? What could we do that could contribute to our ability to create community? If we find we have some community on our ideas and interests in response to our exploration, we could have an interest in exploring how we create community, learning how we create community, and demonstrating how we can create community.

It is always good to be looking out to where we are going and why we are going there to become more mindful of our creative opportunities in our immediate creative experience. Immediate because this is where we make our creative choices. We create our stories with what we choose to do and how we choose to do things. We make our choices on how we see, feel, and think about our world and our experience.

Life is a creative experience. We create with our experience.  We learn from our experience.  Creating with our experience is how we imagine and create possibilities, how we evolve, and how we come to appreciate the creative experience.  We create our experience and our experience creates us.

If our overarching common human interest is to create a better future for our world and if this is what we care to pursue, then creating communities without borders, creating an environment for community to evolve, and exciting creative community enterprise are three overarching creative interests we would do well to focus on.

This is how my thinking has evolved about what we can do and how we can do things to improve our ability to create possibilities for ourselves as individuals, as communities, and as a community. Creating community around these ideas is how we can create a better future for our world, for our experience of our world, and for our appreciation of our experience of life.

Focusing our creative energy, our creative resources, and our creative community enterprise on these creative interests is how we accelerate our ability to create community and accelerate our creative and cultural evolution as a community.

The art of creating our community is the art of creative community enterprise. We can move from our pursuit of appreciation to our appreciation for the pursuit, for our creative experience, and for the experience of creating a future for our world as a community.

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Creating a Culture of Community
Creating a Language of Community
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Roger Chilton
My Point of View