This story began just before the new year in 1996 in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a gathering to explore the future for a television series on the contributions of the native peoples of the Americas to the evolution of our world. The proposal for Native Roots, РLooking to Our Past to Find Our Way in the Future, opened with the following observation.

As we near the end of the 20th Century there is apprehension and concern about our future. Our political, economic, and social systems do not appear to be serving us well. Technology is a mixed blessing. Awareness of significant threats to our existence is growing. And we are beginning to question the value systems underlying our dominant culture.

At the same time, we are more aware than ever that a life of personal fulfillment, freedom, and empowerment is possible and that we can achieve this by taking personal responsibility for ourselves, for others, and for the world in which we live. We are also aware that it requires each of us who understand this to act on that knowledge and to give others the knowledge, insights, and understanding that will empower them to act.

Positive change is possible. It lies in our ability to learn and to communicate.

The story closed with the following opportunity.

There is no other project like this. This is not just a series but the presentation of a world view. Not just a revisionist history, but contemporary realities and future possibilities. Not a story of bleakness, guilt, or dire warning, but a tapestry of hope, vision and celebration.

It is an opportunity to create a new model on how to use the power of the media and the communication technology available to us today to educate more people on the value of our diverse cultures and the role we can play in improving the quality of life.

The perspective is global, the opportunity is immense, the story is captivating, and the learning is important. The circle is open for everyone to become a part of it and share the gift.

from Native Roots
Looking to our Past to Find our Way in the Future

My creative journey began in pursuit of using the world wide web to connect people who watched Native Roots with opportunities to explore and learn more about the things which excited their interest. This was how I imagined we could open the circle to benefit more people from learning about the gifts of our native cultures. This is how the story evolved. And this is where I am now. Imagining how we can create community around our common human interest in creating a future for our world. This opportunity closes with the following.

The conversation is open for everyone to become a part of creating a new world to create a future for our world for those of us who come in the future.

Roger Chilton
My Point of View

Creating the Story